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So if you would like to play sometime, leave me a comment ūüėČ


Sorry its been so long ! I’m editing a new scene to post soon but in the mean time if you’d like to play a lil send me a message/comment

Also check out my lovely perverted friends blog over at:

I think it’s pretty great if you need a lil visual stimulation while you read hehe

~Chloe xx

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Chloe gets rightously ruined by another huge horse cock !

(7:37 p.m.) DIVS: *Shoves you on the table and lifts your hips up as daddy’s long tongue slides along your preteen puffy cunny up to your asshole as my fat donkey cock humps your cute face, splattering semen from the tip as furry balls rub your eyes and nose*
(7:40 p.m.) DIVS: Mmm how’s daddy’s little cumguzzling buttslut tonight?
(7:50 p.m.) Sodomy Slut: *Groaning as opening wide as hot thick creamy streaks of your filthy sperm coat my preteen face, pressing my lips to your hot furry nutsack, sucking and licking as I feel daddys thick wet tongue slide up my filthy horny crotch, puckering my asshole against it* Mmmm hehehe
She’s much better now daddy hehe
(7:50 p.m.) DIVS: *Slaps your soft bumcheeks hard making loud smacks as my filthy wet tongue slobbers all over your juicy asshole, fur grinding on your horny little slut cunt as i mount my little girl’s face, humping your slutty whore mouth as the massive erection rubs your chest, the pink flared donkeycock tip spraying semen on your puffy nipples as my sweaty furry spermsacks dip into your mouth*
Good girl… daddy feels like raping his little fuckslut 6 yr old bitch tonight…
(7:52 p.m.) Sodomy Slut: Ooohh yes please daddy ! I want you to fuck my poop in with your big nasty donkey  dick ! * I squeal, smearing my spit up my cheeks as I slurp and suck up your sack to your shaft, trying to wrap my lips aroudn it sideways as it poke and grinds sickly against my cghest, coating it with your hot sitcky precum* Mmmmmmmmm !* I squeal a lil as I feel your hot probing tongue sink into my tight dirty 6yo anus* Ooooh daddy !
(7:54 p.m.) DIVS: *grabs your soft little thighs roughly prying them wide open as my fat big tongue shoves into your little stinkhole, spluttering saliva and drool down your cunt as I pound my erection on your face, my arms wrapping around the middle of your little bitch body pulling your chest out against my meat just in time to take the filthy putrid splash of donkey urine on your baby nipples*
(7:55 p.m.) DIVS: Mmm good girl, you’ll get your slutty little shitpipe drilled in deep with all the piss in your face
(7:55 p.m.) Sodomy Slut: Oh yess Mmm yes daddy piss on your filthy little cock slave ! * I squeal, groaning as it splashes across my chest and up my face,beating your meat between my sloppy young lips, my body shivering with filthy horny lust as you use my body for your sick perdo pleasure* Mm mmmm yess lick my shit pipe daddy pleasee !
(7:57 p.m.) DIVS: *Slaps my tongue up and down between your buttcheeks as i reach up, grabbing the princess wand toy you were playing with and shoving it down into your horny soppy little cunny, rubbing my furry oversized dick all over your face and 6 yr old chest humping my bitch of a daughter as i twist and rub my tongue all over your butthole, before shoving you down onto the table*
(7:58 p.m.) DIVS: Spread those slutty pedo-addicted legs princess, show daddy her eager little bitch holes
(8:00 p.m.) Sodomy Slut: Mmm yess * Igrowl, my horny kiddy cunt squirting at even the slightest tease of my sex wand, groaning as I nizzle the tip of your now sloppy big brown and pink horse cock* Ooh yes of course daddy *Spreading my tiny pedo cock addicted ass-cheeks, my ankles sliding apart as I spread wide and pucker my now very clean and shiny lil stinkpussy for daddy* Mmmm you mean like this ? *Letting out a teeny lil fart in excitement*
(8:02 p.m.) DIVS: Mmhm just like that whore. *Dragging the massive wet horsedick up your body with a wet trail to your bald underaged pussy, slapping the pink tip a few times on it before starting to tease it on your puckered asshole, grinding the wet slimy tip on your farting starfish making loud filthy squelches as the fuckwand sticks lewdly halfway out of your preteen cunt*
Is this what my little 6yo horsefucker bitch wants in her butthole?
(8:05 p.m.) Sodomy Slut: Uhhnn mmm yess thats exactly what your lil 6yo horsefucking bitch wants in her butthole ! * I squeal and giggle as you grind the huge thick meat between my cheeks, making me kick and squirm, as I push a back a lil tyring to rub my bunghole on your enourmous animal cock* Mmm yes yes yess pleasee daddy ! PLease fuck this little cock slave in her poopie hole !! (do you want me to change my nick to anything daddy ?)
(8:07 p.m.) DIVS: *Grinds his fat animal dick on your filthy poophole as he reaches down and grabs your little neck, pinning you to the table as his overgrown horsedick slams down into your puckered eager fuckhole, stretching it with a nasty loud squelch as the pink tip shoves the shit deep into your colon, looking down at your filthy spread little body as I spit on you, a thick slimy wad splashing on your nose*
(8:08 p.m.) DIVS: Mmm yes change your name to “Daddys 6yo horsefucking slave”
(8:11 p.m.) Sodomy Slut: *Gagging a lil, spitting onto the table as you¬†¬†shove my face agains tthe tble, still wet with your hot horse piss* Uhhnn dady I… AAhhhnn !! oohh *¬†¬†Ihowl and kick as you suddenly force your throbbing fuckstick into my slick pink poop tunnel, ramming your huge cock in deep down my doodee filled little kiddy shitter* Ahhhnn ahhh fuckk ! * I* suddenly emptry my bladder all over the floor as your cock overwhelms my tiny body * Oh daddy yes Daddy I love you uuu !!*Letting out a huge sick fart , my stretched anus, flutter against your cock *
Up to you hehe
(8:13 p.m.) DIVS: *Rubbing your hair in the puddle of horsepiss getting all over drenching you as I turn your face slightly to press your lips in the fillth. My giant donkey dick slams down into your baby rectum, plowing through your filthy 6 yr old shitpipe, staining your little butthole brown as it pumps up and down, the furry balls smacking your ass and bucking your preteen body as your pee sprays out, lifting
your filthy hips so some it splatters up onto your puffy nipples*
(8:15 p.m.) DIVS: Mmmm good girl, let daddy see that slutty little tongue of yours while you get your kiddy bum horseraped like a filthy dirty bitch.
(8:19 p.m.) Sodomy Slut: Ohhh uhhhhh ahhnnn nn mmm rape me daddy ! Rape me where I poop from !! * I hwol and squeal, gridning my face in the filthy puddle of piss as I look back over my shoulder and try to look cute as I lap it up with my outstretched tongue, my red hair matted against my face as I squeal and grunt, taking your huge cock like a filthy little fuck bunny should, my asshole letting out a sick farting squelching sound as your ram your horse meat into it* Uhh nnm m mm mm *My tiny 6yo body hopelessly addicted to your pedo animal cock* Uhhm mmm mm
(8:20 p.m.) Sodomy Slut has changed his/her name to “Dave’s filthy little preteen cock-worshiping ass fucking sperm guzzling bitc”
(8:20 p.m.) Dave’s filthy little preteen cock-worshiping ass fucking sperm guzzling bitc has changed his/her name to “Dave’s filthy little preteen cock-worshiping ass fucking sperm guzzling bitch slut”
(8:21 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: Mmm fuck yes fucking horserape me in my naughty nasty poophole !!!
(8:21 p.m.) DIVS: *Grabs your little throat and grinds your face against the piss as I lean over, slapping my fat long tongue fresh from your asshole into your slutty little bitch mouth, forcing you to taste your nasty butthole as I rape your 6yo shitter with huge horsemeat, piling deep into your colon bucking your bitch body like a little fucktoy rag doll up and down on the table, your slutwand impaled in your
(8:22 p.m.) DIVS: puffy whore cunt getting rubbed up and down from each thrust*
(8:23 p.m.) DIVS: Mmmm that’s it princess, beg like the horny little child bitch slave you are for your filthy shitpipe to get horseraped like a nasty fucking cumguzzler
(8:24 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: *Your huge slick, shit stained horse cock gridning between my cheeks making me wild with lust, my eyes rolling back as you sticky your stinky tongue between my hot young groaning little lips* Mm mm mm mm m ! *Rythmically grunting like a filthy little whore as I go a little limp, being daddys filthy ragdoll cunt, the feeling of your huge dong violently tickling my colon sending me a lil over the edge as I kick and shiver, your cock repeatedly slamming my poop in deeper and deeper as it stains your huge mottled prick* Mm mmm mm ! oh ydadaddy I love being your filthy kiddy fuck rag so baaaad uuhhnnmmm
(8:26 p.m.) DIVS: *Squeezes your throat choking you as I tonguefuck your throat, saliva drooling down your cheeks as I shove your horny kiddy pink pussy flat on the table, the wand falling out with a splatter as I grind your slut cocksleeve all ove rthe horsepiss making it stain your bald baby slit. My enormous horsecock rapes and ravages your shitpipe, drilling the filthy brown wads all the way in you as the brown
furry rod stains your ass cheeks smearing them with disgusting brown filth*
(8:28 p.m.) DIVS: Mmmm beg for daddys semen, tell daddy how bad his bitch slaveslut fuckpig anal whore craves his pedo goo in her filthy analgape horsecock pocket
(8:29 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: Uuh uhh uhhh uhh * I gag a lil on your tongue as you ram itdown my throat, viciously pleasing yoru filthy kiddy fuck slave from both ends as I moan and whiper, pushing back hard on your cock, each hard thrust feeling like Im taking an enourmous dump, much to big for my horny gaping 6yo cock sleeve to handle as you fuck me into hot filthy submision* Oh fuck daddy ! * Instantly kicking into life, sucking your tongue deep down my throat, suckign down tight, suckign and slurping as if it was your cock, tasting my dirty asshole on it*
(8:30 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: Oh god yes daddy ! YESSS please feed your filthy cum-craving fuckdoll your hot juicy donkey sperm !! Ill doo annyyything please !! * I squeal and pant like a tiny little bitchi n heat as my cheek suddenly clamp around your filth ridden fuckpole, smearing my own shit up and down my crack as I try to please daddy as hard as I can*
(8:30 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: I wanna be shitting daddys horsecum all week ! * I howl and scream as I squeeze my nipples, my drool runnign down your tongue and off your chin*
(8:31 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: Oh god I weant dadys pedo cock gooooo !!
(8:31 p.m.) DIVS: *Drives my huge daddy horsedick deep down your ravaged little fuckhole loud sick squelches as juices splatter filthily from your butthole all over your thighs drooling down your slutty cunny as I grab your hair and jerk your fuckpig face up roughly, banging you body back and forth like a rag doll every thrust slamming your whore body into the table, your nipples rubbing horsepiss and scraping the
(8:31 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: I want you tto fill my filthy prreteen anal gape horse cock pocket with it hehee
(8:33 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: *I lift my legs into the air as you strong arms bounce and impale my filthy ruined little bunge hole hard, your cum busrtsting out around your swollen pulsing brown shaft and dripping from your balls onto the floor, thick streaks swirled brown as you keep pummeling my stink hole like a sick fucking pedo pervert* Uhh uhh uhhh yess yess fuck !
(8:33 p.m.) DIVS: table as I squeeze your throat choking your speech… raping you until buckets of nasty slimey horse goo starts to flood your shitty little 6yo fuckhole spermdumpster. Sticky goo floods into you and overflows sloppily gushing down your thighs as the horsedick still violently rapes you through the semen only making it gush out with your shit*
(8:34 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: Ahhnnn * I drool and slbber, runnign down over your hand as you choke me, making me cum hard, unabel to control myself as I kick violently, squirming and bucking my hips as I fart yoru cum all over your huge furry donkey testicles, still pinching my nipples firmly, too horny even to talk* Oooooooohh !!
(8:34 p.m.) DIVS: Mmm that’s it my little slave horsebitch dickslut princess, take daddys horsesemen all in, rape yourself on daddys fat pedo dong
(8:35 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: *Your hot filthy rotten sperm flooding my now very srteched, fucked up little shit hole*
(8:35 p.m.) DIVS: *stuffing my fat fingers into your hot little cunt hole while you squirt, my furry balls smushing semen and shit against your filthy ripped little butthole as daddys entire horsedick grinds inside you*
(8:37 p.m.) DIVS: Mmmm fuck, there’s a good girl… *Rubbing your little ragdoll body up and down in the piss*
(8:40 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: Mmm yess mmm thank you daddy * I groan and purr loudly as I spread my legs wide, sticking them straight out as I grab your wrist, grinding my fithy throbbing kiddy crotch against your cock and fingers, sitting and suspending my weight on them, giggling as I fart another hot filthy blast of poop stained donkey sperm across your balls, giggling louder as you slide your huge tongue into my ear* Mmm thank you daddy ! Mmmmmm Prrrrrrrrrr
(8:42 p.m.) DIVS: *Smirks as my tongue plays with your ear my huge muscled furry body laying on top of your 6yo little frame, grinding your pisssoaked nipples and humping your little body, splurts of horsesemen oozing out between your legs all over your little baby cunt* You’re welcome fuckbitch
(8:43 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: *Biting my lip as I squeeze my thoroughly pummeled rectum down around¬†¬†your huge cock, feeling it throb with enjoyment as I groan* Mmmmm mmm fuck I love being yoru nasty little whore daddy, am I a little cock slave daddy ?
(8:45 p.m.) DIVS: *Slathers my sloppy tongue down your little neck and over your lips, licking the side of your face as lift your thighs up and open, massaging my horsedick in your butt and starting to urinate inside it* Mmm yes you are… you’re my little 6yr old kiddy ass-slut fuckbitch horsefucking cock slave…
(8:46 p.m.) DIVS: Mm.. not at the moment, but I can look for some.
(8:47 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: Oh ahhhh !! mmm fuck * I yelp in suprise at your sudden urine enema, a thick curtain of hot yellow filthy cleaning all the remaining pool of jizz and poop lodged¬†¬†deep in my asshole by your huge cock* Mm mmmm mmm
(8:48 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: *Grabbing your tongue and flicking it against my nipples*
(8:49 p.m.) DIVS: *Chuckles and humps your soft little cumdumpster butthole, my gruff hips pumping your sopping peed-on pussy as my horsedick continuously bounces against the back of your colon, my tongue lapping at your nipples.. easily covering all over your flat breast with one lick*
(8:52 p.m.) Dave’s filthy li: *Groaning as I¬†¬†squat right down, taking every inch of your huge horsemean cock and squeezing my anus, trying to suck your cock with my filthhole*
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So I’ve been masturbating alot, thinking about cocks etc… but nothing beats a big, mottled, funky coloured, thick juicy horse cock ! I’m really glad I don’t live on a farm otherwise I be in big trouble ahah ! enjoy ….¬† http://motherless.com/AD2B154 … I know I would ! xx

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Chloe meets Dan – Twin perverts

(3:40 a.m.) Dan:  

Dan is probably my favourite fuck buddy…¬† And today there’s two of him ;)…


“Mmmmm thats good to hear, cus daddy likes nasty lil underage anal whores” i say, pushin the buttplug back in alil then out, bobbin it in ur dirty butthole, ur dirty lil asshole sucking in air farting repeatedly, suddenly your real daddy walks in, stood in the dorway shcoked¬†;)

(3:41 a.m.) Dan: i stand there shocked, lookin down at my little girls butthole stretched gettin used and toyed with, farting out, also noticing how wet her little cunt is
(3:41 a.m.) Chloe: *I gasp and blush, too stuned to stand up, left groaning as you let go of the plug, feeling it sink back into my tiny lil asshole* Oh…. umm hi daddy…
(3:43 a.m.) Dan: “Hello princess, i didnt know u loved having that little shit hole stretched so much” he says smirking as he walks over undoing his belt, kneelin behind ur ass, holdin the buttplug, pushin it in and twisting it hard “U like havin my dirty old friend play with ur poop hole chloe?”
(3:43 a.m.) Dan: grinnin as i spank my hand on ur lil ass, openin up ur ass for ur daddy “Shes a nasty little bitch, she loves it in her dirty little hole, she said shed do anything, i thinkk we cud have some fun with ur little whore dauhgtwr”
(3:44 a.m.) Chloe: *my nipples going hard as soon as daddy touches my buttplug, making sure it stretches my tiny young hole* Uhhh yess daddy… I love it *blushing, my back arching as you spank me hard* mmm yes … please daddy can we have some fun ? * whining as I look back over my shoulder*
(3:45 a.m.) Chloe: *my wet panties pulled tight against my hot wet mound, rubbing a lil as daddy teases my butthole*
(3:46 a.m.) Dan: bouncing the butt plug in and out, watchin ur hungry poop hole suck it in “Hmm.. of course sweetie, daddys always wanted ur ittle cunt… DO NOT tell mommy” i say sternly, pointin at you, reachin down and undoing my jeans, my huge long thick daddy dick stickin up rock hard in front of my little girls butt
(3:47 a.m.) Dan: “Look how hard you make ur daddy chloe” i grin spankin ur lil butt “I bet you wanna suck your daddys dick, dont u?” i say as i reach under u grindin my fingers into ur lil cunt roughly “U wanna get ur little dirty holes used by 2 horny old men?”
(3:47 a.m.) Chloe: *My eyes going wide, letting out a short sharp groan as I see Daddys fat hard dick, my tiny 7yo body throbbing with lust, I lick my lips* Mmm yes¬†¬†I promise daddy…. * nodding eagerly*
(3:48 a.m.) Chloe: Id love to… * I groan, feeling yoru strog hand over mine groping my hot little pussy* mmm mmm * gritting my teeth* Mmm fuck yes… I need to be molested adn abused by 2 nasty perverts * I blush, looking down*
(3:49 a.m.) Chloe: I need to taste daddys cum so bad,…
(3:50 a.m.) Dan: “Mmmm dirty little child pedo whore” i tease, spankin your little ass so fucking hard “Gte over here swetie, come and suck your daddys cock, daddys gunna fuckin choke ur lil throat on it” he says, takin hold of ur hair as u turn round to face¬†¬†me, i hold my cock slappinit against ur cute lil face
(3:51 a.m.) Chloe: *Spitting on daddys cock as he pulls my face towards it, leaving a wet streak across my face as he cocksluaps me hard* Mmm yes daddy, give it to me… * I open wide, feeling you rub the tip of your cock around my tiny young mouth* Mmmmm
(3:52 a.m.) Dan: “Mmmm and il work this filthy little fucking ass” i say, slidin the buttplug out ur butthole, ur asshole gaping wide open, stretched and used and wet and jicy, ur little cunt drippin onto the bed, makin a puddle “mmmmm look at that filthy little fuck hole” i say replacing the butthole with 3 of my thick manly fingers grindin them hard into ur dirty open hole, holdin ur leg and liftin it roughly,
makin u cock ur leg like a dog ;)
(3:53 a.m.) Dan: rubbing my cock around and around ur open lips, slappin it on your tongue before pushin it deep in ur mouth still hodlin ur hair, lettin my cock head hit the back of ur throat “Ughh u fuckin dirty little whore”
(3:54 a.m.) Chloe: *My pussy throbbing, dripping through my panties now as you tell me your going to work my nasty 7yo asshole, squealing as I poop out my plug* my piss spraying straight through my panties as you cock my leg* Uhh mm mm!!! *My moans muffled as DAddy, force feeds me his thick cok, pushing my neck down eagerly* Mm mm !!
(3:55 a.m.) Chloe: *looking up at daddy as he fills his nasty little girls throat, opening wide for him, lapping at the shaft* Mm mmmm
(3:56 a.m.) Dan: “Ooooo what a messy dirty little fucking bitch” i say your daddy moanin as u suck him ur jet pf piss spraying out ur cunt onto the bed and floor spraying everywehre as ur body wiggles, i roughly pull ur panties aside, exposin ur cunt lettin it spray piss out everywhere “U ever had a dirty old perverts tongue in ur shit hole before chloe?” i say before spankin ur ass spreadin it wide and tongue
fucing ur lil asshole so hard
(3:57 a.m.) Dan: “Mmmm fuck yeh what a nasty little fucking whore, look at that dirty mess” i say watchin u piss everywehre, holdin ur hair tight as i start to work your throat, pushin my cock back and forth lettin m cock hit ur throat hard, slappin ur lil cheek “Mmmmm fuckin suck it baby, good girl” i say pullin u in hard holdin u, being so rough with my lil girl
(3:58 a.m.) Chloe: *I squeal and buck my hipt, squeezing your face between my hot young cheeks as you drive you tongue into my dirty pink butthole* Uh huh *I nod, my body rocking in time as daddy fucks my mouth hard and deep, stuffing his little slut* Mm mmm
(3:59 a.m.) Chloe: *struggling a lil I pull up off daddys cock, reaching up and jerking it hard with my lil 7yo hand, leubed by my hot spit all down your shaft, slapping it across my face* Mmmm yess daddy, I wanna be your filthy little fuck doll…
(4:00 a.m.) Chloe: *Quckly leaning foward to stuff my wet waiting mouth again, sliding Daddy down my slutty lil throat*
(4:02 a.m.) Dan: spankin ur ass hard as i hear u say such nasty things to your daddy “Mmm little fuck whore” i moan, coming away from ur buttole, i spank it hard, then pushin a finger from each hand into ur tiny lil pink pooper, pullin ur hole open, pullin it apart makin u gape, ur lil cunt still drippin onto ur bed
(4:03 a.m.) Dan: moanin hard and leanin my head back as i feel u happily choke urself on my cock, moanin so fucking hard as u work ur lil mouth, i hold ur head fuck ur face “Mmmmm suck that fucking dick for your daddy” i order, pullin u in hard “You want us 2 dirty old men to break those little girl holes open?2
(4:03 a.m.) Chloe: *my tongue lapping out at daddys balls as you pull my tight young butthole open, letting a loud nasty fart as you pull it wide open* mmmm *On all fours, purring as Daddy and his nasty friend molest me*
(4:04 a.m.) Chloe: *slobbering hard all over daddys cock, lubing it as he violates my throat with his hard cock* Uhhh mmm yess sir… *squeals again as you pull my hair* Uhh yess please sir !!
(4:09 a.m.) Chloe: ?
(4:10 a.m.) Dan: “mmmm u fucking dirty little bitch” i moan as u fart loudly all wet, i spank ur butt, pullin ur hole open again “Look man, look at her dirty little shit hole, i think she needs to be filled up “Mmmm i love fucking underage little girls in the ass” i tease
(4:11 a.m.) Dan: pullin my cock out ur throat, it covered in spit, i lean forward, leanin over to get my hands to ur lil butt, my wet cock pressed against ur face pushin 2 fingers in ur butt with dans so theres for in there, helpin him pullm ur butthole apart “Mmmm oh yeh, what a dirty little fucking hole, we need to fuck the shit out of it”
(4:12 a.m.) Chloe: *I nod again* Mm fuck yes.. rape my filthy kiddy butthole … * I blush, suprising myself**My body shivering as I feel 4 fingers stretching my nasty young hole, feeling it throb* Oh yes… please… use me as hard as you like * I beg and whimper as you toy with me, rubbing my face up and down daddys spit covered cock* Mm mmm
(4:14 a.m.) Dan: we both take our fingers out ur butthole, pushin them in ur mouth and roughly rubbing them over your tongue¬†¬†“Yeh does that lil butthole taste good baby? u like tasting ur filthy lil poop hole?” i say, suddenly standin up, roughly turnin u round, roughly pickin u up, holdin ur lil butt spread open
(4:15 a.m.) Chloe: *moaning excitedly as I slurp on all 4 fingers, happily lapping and slurping clean every little bit, sucking down tight*
(4:16 a.m.) Dan: i stand and watch wanking my wet slimey cock as dan opens up your lil butt for me “Bring that lil girl over here, i wanna fucking violate her” i say, holdin my cock, rubbing it against ur wet hole as dan holds u in front of me, he slowly set u down on my cock, i support ur weight by holdin under ur knees, as ur body suddenly slams down, my cock slippin right up ur shit hole
(4:18 a.m.) Chloe: *Gasping as you suddenly pick me up, leaving me totally helpless as you ram my tiny 7yo shithole down onto Daddy fat wet cocks, kciking and squealing like a little bitch, pissing on the floor again as I lose contol* ahhh fuck !! ooohh !! * Drooling a lil as you both easily overpower me and start abusing my hot young body*
(4:18 a.m.) Chloe: *My asshole burning and throbbing as it stretches so hard to take the thick length of daddys hard dick, letting out a whimper* Uhhh oohh
(4:20 a.m.) Dan: standin in front of you pullin out my thick cock and wanking it as i watch the little girl get her shithole stretch abused and fucked so hard, watchin u moan like a fucking whore, ur messy cunt between ur legs pissin out everywhere, i put my cock in front of ur pussy lettin u pee all over it “Mmmm u messy litttle whore” i say reachin down and forcing a finger up inside ur tiny lil underage cunt,
(4:20 a.m.) Dan: wigglin and jerkin my finger in ur pussy as u pee, the stream of pee bobbin and jerkin as my finger roughly molests u
(4:21 a.m.) Chloe: *gasping as you roughly finger my pissing little cunt, spreaying it all over my thighs, reaching down to jerkio your cock as I lube it with my piss, spraying up and down as you grope and poke and nasty pussy* Mmm yess.. oooohh !!
(4:21 a.m.) Dan: holdin u under the knees as i roughly start to bounce u on my fat cock, forcin u down evern tho i know ur lil butthole is too tight, feelin ur lil butthole throb around my cock as i hold ur legs wide open for dan, roughly bouncin u hard on my cock “Mmmm thats it sweetie, tell us what a sick nasty fuckin whore u are” i order, squeezin ur tighs tight
(4:23 a.m.) Chloe: *my asshole realxing a lil but still to tight to take daddys rough, hard fucking I feel a soft trickle down my cheek* Mmm daddy im a nasty little fuck slave for horny pedos… * I moan between pants, squealing as you fill my poop chute hard again*
(4:26 a.m.) Dan: moanin hard as i feel ur lil 7yo hand jerk my fat ccok “Mmmmm u nasty lil bitch, 2 want 2 big pedo cocks up ur drty little shit hole?” i say holdin ur throat as i look into ur eyes, kissin ur lips roughly as i hodl my cock rubbing it against the rim of ur already filled asshole, roughly grindin it around then lookin down, seein the trickle of blood comin down my cock “Ooo dear daddy, looks like
(4:26 a.m.) Dan: youve broken ur little girls asshole, she didnt even notice, wat a nasty little rape whore” i say, spittin in ur mouth
(4:27 a.m.) Chloe: *my face going red, my eyes wide as you grab my throat, nodding* Yes… yes¬†¬†I need to be double ass raped by 2 horny perverts ! * I squeal, my heart racing, panting as I feel Dans hot dick rub around my stretched lil ring poking and rubbing* Mmm moohh…mmm
(4:28 a.m.) Dan: look down and seein the blood on dans cock “Awww dear sweetie, has daddy raped u too hard?” i whisper in your ear as i bounce u slow but so fuckin deep on my cock, makin u take it right up deep inside ur torn lil shit hole, then bouncin u faster, i lift ur legs “Its ok, shes a little whore she loves it, theres room for another cock in there, lets ruin her little shit hole” i say as dan starts to force his cock, awkwardly push, ur lil hole suddenly givin way, poppin open around his head
(4:30 a.m.) Chloe: *I shake my head, shivering as Daddy whispers in my ear* Oohh no daddy, of course not, * biting my lip hard, leaning back and whispering* Can you pretty please ass to mouth me first daddy * licking, sliding my tongue into your ear and I groan*
(4:31 a.m.) Dan: “Yeh? my ilittle princess wants to taste her little shit hole?” i grin, kissin ur neck as i rub ur cunt roughly, slowly liftin u up off my cock, ur lil butthole closing with a wet fart, standin u in between us, two big strong naked men with huge cocks stood over ur tiny lil 7yo body
(4:32 a.m.) Dan: ur asshole sore, a trickle of blood still goin down ur thigh, my cock stickin up in front of ur face
(4:33 a.m.) Chloe: *I nod, panting as I kneel looking up at both of your fat throbbing dicks* Yes daddy.. oh god yess.. *
(4:35 a.m.) Chloe: *spitting in my hand and reaching up to rub your balls as I stuff daddys hot filthy cock between my lips,  a drip of blood collecting and dripping from my lips as I push down hard, pushingi t right into my throat, tasting every inch of my dirty kiddy shithole* Uhhh uhhh.. *Starting to sweat, I jerk my body fucking daddys cock with my mouth, slurping it clean* Mm m mm !!
(4:36 a.m.) Chloe: *My other hand eraching straight out and gripping Dans cock, jerking it as I suck hard for daddy…*
(4:38 a.m.) Dan: “Ughhhh fuck yes” i moan as ur lil hand reaches out to jerk my cock, i reach down roughly pinchin ur lil nipples, then reachin down between ur legs, palmin ur cunt to lift ur lil butt in the air, slippin 2 fingers back into ur stretched bleeding shit hole with ease, spankin ur ass hard as i moan, roughly twisting my fingers inside ur butt
(4:39 a.m.) Dan: moaning hard as u hungrily choke urself on my dick, i hold ur hair pullin u in “Mmmmm is that tasty baby? u like tasting ur shit off daddys cock?” i say yankin my cock out ur mouth, wipin it all over ur tongue then slappin ur lil facewith it all over
(4:39 a.m.) Dan: seein the blood spit and juice around ur lil lips, such a lil girl so messy slutty
(4:40 a.m.) Chloe: *my tiny boddy whrithing and squirming as you molest me, reachning and putting my hand yours as you grope my flat chest* Oh fuck yes daddy… *I¬†¬†whine and nod, my tongue hanging out for you to wipe your dick on, my nipples throbbing hard as you pull me hair, a trickle of blood running down my cheek* mmm its so fucking good…
(4:41 a.m.) Chloe: *Purring and relaxing my ruined little shit hole, taking Dans fingers easily, my butthole dirty and dripping* Ohh hfuck…
(4:43 a.m.) Dan: i easily force in a 3rd “Mmmmm oh fuck, what a nasty little butthole” i say as i finger fuck ur gapin hole hard, then yanking my fingers out, i walk over and sit on ur bed lying back “Get the fuck over here, come and sit on my fuckin cock. I want you to rip ur lil butthole open on it” i order, lying back and watchin u as my cock sticks up in the air, ur lil butthole sowly leavin drips of blood and
ur cunt drippin juice onto the floor
(4:44 a.m.) Dan: i pull out ur mouth “Do it” i order, spankin ur lil face as u look up at me, as u turn i spank ur as “Go ahead sweetie, show daddy ur lil butthole gettin fucked, daddy wants to see u gettin ur lil shit hole fucked”
(4:45 a.m.) Chloe: *I blush, turning and crawling up onto the bed, squatting over dans dick like an obedient little fuck toy, slowly pressing down, his fat cock head sliding it easily with a¬†¬†soft pop* Ohhhhhh sir….*Leaning foward and gripping your knees as I suddenly and forcefully sit down hard of his cock, filling even inch of my dirty whore asshole* Oh fuck…. uhhh !!
(4:47 a.m.) Dan: holdin ur ass and roughly slammin it down on my cock as u yelp with suprise, not givin u a chance to get used to it, gruntin and moanin hard as i spread ur ass, watchin ur over stretched lil childbutthole get brutally fucked “Mmmm spin round” i order, holdin ur legs, spinnin u on my cock, i hold ur ass open as i start to fuck you, ur daddy wanking as he watches his lil girl get fucked
(4:48 a.m.) Dan: i stand behind u, jerkin my fat cock as i watch ur tiny butt get fucked and raped, i step forward “Mmmm fuck, us 2 dirty horny old pedos are gunna fckin ruin ur little shit hole chloe” i say grindin my daddy cock hard against ur rim, rubbing round and round hard, pushin in slowly, my cock s;ippin then startin to go, feelin ur tiny lil already full hole slowly stretch
(4:50 a.m.) Chloe: woah !! * yelps as you spin me around, feeling a sudden rush as your hard dick¬†¬†twirls in my hot young shit pipe, pressing down on your chest now, drooling on and rubbing your nipples,¬†¬†pinching hard as I feel daddys throbbing dick against my abused little ring* Oh god….. *Biting my lip, speechles as you two hold my hips down, holding me in place, using me to pleasure your nasty cocks*
(4:52 a.m.) Dan has changed his/her status to Online
(4:52 a.m.) Chloe: *squealing with a loud whimper as daddys cock rips my nasty used asshole open wide now, a thick stream of blood dripping down over both of your cocks* ahhh !! oh god !! uhh it hurts !!! !! *Squirming weakly,  my head spining as you force so much cock into my litlle 7yo whore ass*
(4:54 a.m.) Dan: “UGHHH FUCK” i moan out so loud, feelin ur asshole so fucking tight around our cocks, lookin down as ur asshole bleeds all over us, ur lil raped shithole torn and used, both our huge cocks plugged up inside u, throbbing heavily inside u, iur butthole so tight but still slippery and wet, i push ur hips down into dan as i start to drive my cock in deeper, slidin out a lil to ram it into ur hole a lil more
(4:55 a.m.) Dan: i lay there moanin hard as i pull u down into me, then reach up, holdin ur throat again cutie “Yeh you like that sweetie? you like having ur little shit hole broken? Mmmmm fuck” i say as i start to hump ur lil asshole, bouncin my hips as i feel ur broken butt bleed on my dick, ur cunt so wet ur basically pissinh
(4:55 a.m.) Chloe: *I lean foward, biting Dans neck hard, my nails digging into his chest as I squeal like a little fucking slut*
(4:57 a.m.) Chloe: *Your hot dicks sliding against each other, fucking my ass hard and out of time, making a loud nasty squealch with each violent thrust* Oh god… uhh… uhhh !!* My face going red* Yes… yes I¬†¬†do !! Im your little slut toy….I love being uuseeed ahh !! * Feeling the heads of your cocks poking at my shit, deep in my broken lil girl butthole*
(4:59 a.m.) Dan: i pull ur hair back watchin u scream, tears rollin down ur cheeks as u scream in pleasure and pain, thrustin my hips up toward u, bouncin ur lil body off me as i rape and molest ur dirty fucking broken shit hole, being so rough with u, gruntin with lust as i put all my effort into using ur butthole
(5:00 a.m.) Dan: i hold your hips down roughly, pushin u hard down into down as i brutally start to fuck ur lil butthole so hard moanin so loud gruntin as my hands hold ur ass spread painfully wide, forcefully fuckin ur lil torn shitbox so fuckin hard, ur messy butthole farting bleedin all over our cocks, im fukin u so brutally
(5:02 a.m.) Chloe: *My¬†¬†tears start to stream down my cheeks my body shivers with pain, loving every dirty nasty second, squealing like bitch as you pull my hair back, submitting to your every move as you use and abuse every inch of my hot lil 7yo pooper* Uhhh mmm…oohhh
(5:03 a.m.) Dan: “Come u fucking litle bitch chloe tel us what a nasty little rape whore u are” i say slappin ur lil butt, holdin ur hips to help ur dad fuck ur little ass up, moanin so fuckin loudly, ur daddy behind u rammin ur ass too, both of us moanin loud nad hard as the littlte girl between us gets raped like a rag doll
(5:04 a.m.) Dan: forcin my cock in almost balls deep, squelches of blood spit and juice as my cock grinds against dans, both of us brutally fucking ur lil shit hole, i pull ur hair back hard, tryin to make u fuckin scream as i grunt fuck u so hard
(5:06 a.m.) Chloe: *feeling my dirty anus loosen a lil more, my shit sliding down against your hot pounding dicks, using me like a perverted little sex toy, sqcreaming as you pull my hair* Oohh im your filthy little rape skank *My eyes rolling back, not able to take much more,*
(5:08 a.m.) Dan: me and your daddy brutally fuckin u ike never before as we feel u losin control of ur little butthole, shittin urself, being such a messy nasty lil whore but screamin and loving it, i hold ur ass open for ur daddy, as i stretch it ur butthole loostens more, shit squelchin and squeezin out around our cocks, i moan hard as i feel myself gettin close to cumming
(5:09 a.m.) Chloe: *I go a bit limp, held up by my hips and my hair as you both keep pumping your little slut toy hard* Uhh…….oohh
(5:09 a.m.) Dan: watchin ur dirty lil butthole makin such a dirty shitty mess, it smeared allover our cocks and ur lil hole, fuckin u so hard, moanin “Mmmm u dirty ittle shit whore” i spank ur ass feelin so close to cummign
(5:10 a.m.) Chloe: *Jerking as you spank me, my asshole submitting to your nasty hard cocks, gaping and dripping around your cock, my hot poop and blood starting to leak down your shafts as you just fuck me harder*
(5:11 a.m.) Dan: “ughhh fuck, ive gotta cum” i moan, followed by your daddy nodding, suddenly we both yank our cocks out ur dirty shitty used asshole, chukcin u off us, we both stan up, our cocks both dirty and shitty, covered and blood nd spit, we wank them over u
(5:13 a.m.) Chloe: *Screaming as you both pull out, shitting on the floor from my ruined open asshole, falling onto my back as you thrown me over, opening my mouth and rubbing my nipples, watching you both jerk your big dirty dicks over my raped little body*
(5:15 a.m.) Dan: both of us moanin, callin u a dirty little fuckin bitch as u poop on the floor, makin such a mess as u pant and moan hard, i grab ur hair pullin ur head in front of our cocks, ur dad holdin ur hair also as we both stand over u wanking our fat dicks hard, moanin hard the 2 big men towering over u wanking so hard
i shoot my load first moanin out loud as my cock spurts out jet after jet of cum all over ur pretty lil face, rubbing my cock head against ur face as i cum
(5:16 a.m.) Dan: ur daddy quickly blowin his load after pullin close roughly ro cover ur face in his nhuge load, it tricklon down ur face all over ur lil body
(5:18 a.m.) Chloe: *Squealing as you pull my hair tight* Yess… uhh oh yess daddy !! *the first hot splashes of your sticky cum making me yelp with pleasure, nuzzling the tip as you cum all down my face, purring like a nasty bitch as you both rub your hot nasty dicks all over my cummy¬†¬†face, dripping and trickling down my chest, holding my tongue down foryou* Uhhh oh fuck….*Feeling a wave of pleasure as your cum drips down my chest*
(5:21 a.m.) Dan: sat on ur sore dirty lil used riped butthole as we both rub our cocks all over ur face, ur face totally covered and smeared in warm yummy cum “Mmmm dirty little fucking whore” i grin lookin down as we both take turns cock slappin ur lil face
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Getting started on cybersex

I was introduced to cybersex through my own exploration as a young girl… Slowly things went from talking about sex and chatting to playing an underage anal addicted,¬† drug consuming cock pleaser… For those of you who like a bit of a sick twist in your eroticism read on….

(8:31 a.m.) Sara: good morning :)
(8:31 a.m.) Jordan: Good afternoon
(8:32 a.m.) Jordan: Hows my slut?
(8:32 a.m.) Sara: pretty good
(8:32 a.m.) Jordan: Good
(8:36 a.m.) Sara: *kneels down, licking my lips as I look up at you*
(8:37 a.m.) Jordan: *Smirks and walks up closer to you, putting my crotch right in your face then slowly unzips my pants and lowers them to my knees with my boxers until my fat big still limp cock flops right out across your slutty face.*
(8:37 a.m.) Sara: *quickly wraps my lips around it and slides it all the way down my throat* mmmmmm
(8:38 a.m.) Jordan: Oooh yeahhh *groans softly watching you take it so deep, feeling those slutty lips of yours against his balls.  His shaft starts throbbing a little, starting to get hard as you take it in.*
(8:39 a.m.) Sara: *leaves my lips around the base of it, swirling my tongue around it and sucking*
(8:40 a.m.) Jordan: *His cock keeps getting harder and bigger, sticking up more in her mouth but still very bendable the way she liked to suck it.. Moans feeling it so deep in her throat then lays his hand on the back of her head.* Ooh yeah slut, show me how bad youve missed my cock, how hungry you are for it.
(8:41 a.m.) Sara: *pulls back and opens wider, letting you watch it slid over my tongue as It goes back down my throat, bobbing my head up and down, gertting faster as your cock gets harder *
(8:42 a.m.) Jordan: *As he watches it go into your throat his cock gets harder, stiffening up and throbbing in your throat.  A loud wet slurping noise echoing each time you bob your head, getting spit all over it.* Oooh fuck yeah thats it whore!!
(8:43 a.m.) Sara: *takes it out and rubs it on my cheeks before, sucking the head over and over like a lollipop, spit running down the shaft* mmm mmmm
(8:45 a.m.) Jordan: Mmm yeahh thats good you whore! Suck it up, get it all lubed for your ass. *He groaned heavily as he looked down at her sucking it so frantically. His breathing got heavier as she rubbed it over her face.  Pulls on her hair a bit*
(8:45 a.m.) Sara: *squeals a lil as you tug on my hair, still rubbing my tongue around your cock, licking and slurping* mm mmm
(8:46 a.m.) Jordan: Mmm fuck! *Both my hands clap onto the back of your head as I pull it forward and slide my big hard cock back down your throat again and start pumping my hips at your face, fucking your throat.*
(8:47 a.m.) Sara: *takes away my hands, sliding them down my chest to rub my dripping pussy* mmmm mmm !!!
(8:48 a.m.) Jordan: *Slams my hips forward and back so rapidly, jamming my cock into your throat so rapidly. My balls contract soon as I keep mouth fucking you, getting close to cumming.* Oooh fuck!
(8:49 a.m.) Sara: *keeps sucking as you use my mouth, rubbing myslef harder, moaning all over your hard cock* ooohh…
(8:49 a.m.) Jordan: *Suddenly pulls out of your cock sucking mouth and grabs my cock, stroking it rapidly at your face.* Yess!! You slut! *Cums hard then spraying hot white cum all over your face and tits, streaking your face in a hot load even shooting some in your open mouth.*
(8:50 a.m.) Sara: *squeals and giggles as you cover me in hot jizz* ooohh !!!! hehehe…*licks my lips, swallowing some down* mmmm..
(8:51 a.m.) Jordan: Oooh yeah thats my pretty cum painted whore *Looks down at your slutty cum covered face and tits grinning then wipes my cock across your face, smearing the cum around before popping my big dick into your mouth again.*
(8:52 a.m.) Sara: *moans as you slide it in, wipping the cum from my chin and slurping it in alongside your cock..* mmm
(8:53 a.m.) Jordan: *Lets you slurp it for a minute or two then pulls it back out agian, the shaft dripping with your spit.* Mmm its ready for your ass now slut.
(8:54 a.m.) Sara: *giggles* oohh yay !! *grins at the trail of cum and spit hanging from my lips to your cock.*
(8:56 a.m.) Jordan: *Breaks the cum trail by whipping my cock back and smacking you across the face with it.* Mm come on you nasty slut *Walks over to a couch facing towards a big glass mirror then sits down facing the mirror, his thick cock standing up messily between his legs.*
(8:57 a.m.) Sara: *gasps as you smack me with it* ohh !! *still licking my lips watches you you sit in front ofthe mirror*
(8:57 a.m.) Jordan: *Wraps my left arm around your naked hips and pulls you infront of me then grabs the base of my big cock with my right hand and holds it steady.* Sit on it whore, get it up your ass.
(8:58 a.m.) Sara: *pushes my ass out towards your face* mmm I need you to take out my plug first babe….
(8:59 a.m.) Jordan: *Smirks as you put it in my face, staring at the big pink end of the plug in the middle of your asscheeks.* mm youve had this in a while slut *Grabs the end of it and slowly eases it out, wiggling it then pulling it out and dropping it on the couch.  Grins staring at your hot gape*
(9:00 a.m.) Sara: *groans and squirms alil as you pull it out, squatting down and shoving your hard cock right into my gaping asshole* ahh !!! mmmm….
(9:02 a.m.) Jordan: Oooh fuck yeah! *Groans out, looking in the mirror and watching as you put that gaping shitter right down on my cock.  Grabs around your hips and pushes you down hard, sinking my cock up your asshole all the way to the base.  Slides my hands to your legs and lifts them up in the air then, holding you by your ass just like in your pic*
(9:04 a.m.) Sara: *gasps as I watch your dick go up my ass in the mirror* ohh fuck… thats so hot….*moans as you hold my ass cheeks apart* mmm fuck me baby…
(9:05 a.m.) Jordan: *Rests my head right next to yours, looking over your shoulder to watch my cock in your ass on the mirror.* Mmm with pleasure slut *Holds your ass tight and pulls my hips down with my abs then thrusts upward hard and fast, driving my cock back into your asshole like a spike.* Mmmmng! *Starts fucking you like that then, over and over.*
(9:07 a.m.) Sara: *starts to rub my pussy, my hot juices dripping down over your cock as you stuff my ass with your cock * ahh ahh ahh !!!
(9:08 a.m.) Jordan: Mmm yeah tell me how you love my cock in your filthy ass whore *Groans in pleasure as I stuff you full of cock again and again, fucking you hard and fast from benath, just smacking my hips to your spread asscheeks so furiously.  Watches your tits jiggle in the mirror.  In the mirror you could see every motion of my cock going into your gaped asshole, stretching it so wide.*
(9:09 a.m.) Sara: oh god, I love that big dick in my ass *bounces on it harder* mmm fuck yes that feels so goood.. !!! fuck me !!
(9:11 a.m.) Jordan: Mmm yeahhh fuck yourself bitch! *Holds your ass wide open as I fuck at it wildly from below, bucking my hips upward frantically.  The couch started sliding across the floor I was fucking your ass so hard.  Suddenly lifts you up with my hand, my cock popping out of your ass resting right under your asshole as I hold your cheeks apart, pointing your gaped asshole right at the mirror.* Mmm fuck look at that beautiful sight slut!
(9:11 a.m.) Sara: *squeals as you pull out* ohhh god !!!! *keeps rubbing my hot pussy as I look at my gaped asshole..* ooohh
(9:12 a.m.) Jordan: *Holds it up for a few more seconds then pushes your hips right back down, slamming my cock up your ass again as I go back to fucking your brains out. Dick slamming you as hard as I can now, fucking you like crazy as I moan in pleasure.* Ooh fuck, whose your asshole belong to whore!? Who!?
(9:13 a.m.) Sara: ahhh you !! ahh fuck its all yours… *groans and squeals as you pound it, bouncing me all over the place..*
(9:14 a.m.) Jordan: Mmm thats right you bitch! *His balls bounce up onto your ass each time I fuck upwards into you, doing you as hard and as fast  I can while I try to hold your ass down with my hands, fucking the hell out of it.* Fuck im gonna cum again!
(9:16 a.m.) Sara: mmm yess yess, cum right in my ass !! *sits on it hard, grinding around in circles* ohhh
(9:17 a.m.) Jordan: Oooh fuckkkkk!! *Groans loudly as my cock exploads in your ass, pumping out a thick load of warm gooey white cum right into your ass, shooting thick wad after thick wad deep up your asshole, flooding ith with cum.  In the mirror he saw cum leaking out the sides of his cock, running over his balls.* Take it whore! Take my cum in your ass
(9:18 a.m.) Sara: ohh I am* giggles as it squelches* ooo…. slips slowly up ad down, milking your cock a bit more*
(9:18 a.m.) Jordan: *Hears that nasty squelching and squishing noise as you bounce on my cock, packing the last of my cum deep in your ass.* Mmmm fuck im finished whore.
(9:19 a.m.) Sara: *sits up, just sittign on your cock, feeling it slowly run out of my ass* ohh….
(9:20 a.m.) Jordan: Mmm lets see that shit *Pulls on your legs making them lift up higher into the air, up over your head then spreads your ass apart and lifts you up off his cock agian. Spreading your asshole wide open, holding the gape and seeing all that white cum deep inside.*
(9:21 a.m.) Sara: *reahces over to grab my plug, pushing it back in with a squelch* ooohhh….
(9:22 a.m.) Jordan: Mmm good whore, keep that cum in and keep that hole gaped for me. *Slowly lets you down after you put the plug in.*
(9:23 a.m.) Sara: *winks at you as I slide down between your legs, licking along your thigh*
(9:23 a.m.) Jordan: *Lets out a slow breath and leans back into the soft sofa, relaxing as I stare down at you knowing your going for your filthy reward.*
(9:24 a.m.) Sara: *hungrily starts to suck down on your cum covered dick, moaning as I rub it between my tits and up over my face* oohh..
(9:25 a.m.) Jordan: Oooooh yeah, worship that cum covered cock slut.  Taste your filthy ass all over it. *Groans as you suck it and rub it all over your body like a filthy dick loving whore.*
(9:26 a.m.) Sara: *licks my lips as I stroke it* mmmm heheh…
(9:27 a.m.) Jordan: *Relaxes as his whore pleases his cock, just smiling down at you.* Mmm you love my cock dont you slut?
(9:27 a.m.) Sara: *lciks it up to the head* mmm of course.. *pops it into my mouth, sliding up and down over you dick* mmm mm
(9:29 a.m.) Jordan: Ahhhhh yeahhhh *Stretches my arms across the back of the sofa and opens my legs, letting you have better access to my big cock as I relax, getting my ass covered cock cleaned by my whore.* Mmm its good to be, have two fucking ass hungry whores begging for your cock all day.
(9:29 a.m.) Sara: *giggles* must be tough huh… *slides it all the way in, putting my hands on your hips and fucking your cock with my mouth* mm ! mm !! mm !!
(9:31 a.m.) Jordan: OOohh fuck… *Gasps as you start slamming your mouth up and down it, hearing a wet squelch and hard suck sound when you do.¬†¬†Looks back down at you, my cock still very hard in your mouth.* Fuck!! Mmmm yeah… sometimes it is slut, keeping you two girls happy.. fuck, seems like every hour of the day I gotta get my dick sucked or shit hole one of your girls.
(9:31 a.m.) Sara: *gulps it down my throat over and over before coming off and licking it around and around form bottom to top, leaving it slick and shiny* mmmmm heheehe..
(9:32 a.m.) Jordan: *Smiles seeing my cock gleaming infront of your face, nice and clean.* Mmm you two are just such fucking sluts.
(9:32 a.m.) Sara: *giggles again* thank you…
(9:33 a.m.) Jordan: Your welcome bitch
(9:33 a.m.) Sara: *sits on my plug, softly touching my clit*
(9:34 a.m.) Jordan: Well im gonna go now whore.  Was lots of fun
(9:34 a.m.) Sara: ofcourse it was…
(9:34 a.m.) Jordan: Fuck you later
(9:35 a.m.) Sara: mmm anytime…
(9:35 a.m.) Jordan: Bye slut
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